Our Team

Our Therapists are Parkinson Certified in one or more areas of specialty, including: Nordic Walking, Bal-a-Vis-X, Neuro-developmental Treatment, PWR! Moves, Stick Mobility, and Urban Poling.

Board of Directors

Club Parkinson’s has a strong, diversified, working Board of Directors. Their backgrounds include nursing, healthcare administration, finance,  business owners, caregiver of a person with Parkinson's, marketing and fundraising.


Shana Gatschet, OT, and Connie Urbanek, PTA have a combined 45+ years of experience working with people who have neurological disorders, making them highly qualified to address the needs of those with Parkinson's Disease and their families as they navigate through this progressive disease.

Wichita State University

Heskett Center

Being located on campus at WSU uniquely positions us to build relationships with a variety of educational departments to provide applied student learning. It also allows research development that will create new Parkinson's therapies and develop adaptive technologies to further assist our members who are coping with Parkinson's Disease.